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Burn-In Racks

Burn-in is a process performed on electronic components before they are put into regular use to detect potential failures and ensure reliability. During this process, a power supply is run through the electronics at an elevated temperature for an extended period, often many hours. This stress testing helps identify and eliminate early-life failures, ensuring that only components that can withstand operational demands are deployed, thereby improving overall product reliability and performance.

Our integrated fixtured cart enables testing of a variety of products, with multiple carts facilitating faster loading and unloading, and cost-effective changeover to new products. Features like high-volume, horizontal airflow ensures optimal product change rates.

Bed of Nails for Test Fixtures

Keypoints to note:

  • Process to detect failures and ensure reliability of electronic components
  • Conducted before regular use
  • Involves running a power supply through the electronics
  • Helps identify and eliminate early-life failures
  • Ensures components can withstand operational demands
  • Improves overall product reliability and performance

Manufacturing and programming such fixtures typically take four to six weeks.

Burn-in Racks and Their Uses

Design Verification

Enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process, allowing test engineers to focus on other critical tasks.


Aids engineers in diagnosing problems with faulty power supplies pulled from production or returned from field failures.

Typical Features of Burn-in Racks

Sturdy Construction and Design

Made from durable extruded aluminum and heavy duty caster wheels.

Fast loading and Unloading

Integrated fixtured cart system, which accommodates a variety of products and allows for quick changeovers

Innovative Connectors for Mechanical Loading

Provides a secure and reliable connection that ensures consistent electrical contact during testing. This mechanism simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting test devices, reducing the time and effort required for setup and minimizing the risk of connection errors

Mirotech manufactures bed of nails test fixtures in the Greater Toronto Area, providing high-quality solutions for efficient and accurate PCB testing.

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