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Custom Test Fixtures, Burn-in Racks, and Equipment

Have a special project? Mirotech can design and manufacture customized test fixtures and burn-in racks to suit your unique testing requirements. Whatever the complexity our team can design a solution that’s right for you. 

Each of our custom designs is unique to our customer’s particular project requirements. Mirotech fixtures feature innovative design components including a linear collapsing system, interchangeable and reusable plate design, and top and bottom probing.

Customization options

There are a variety of options available to customize your fixture including:  ​

  • Custom enclosure size
  • Custom UUT size
  • Top and bottom probing 
  • Cam handle (when additional force is required) 
  • Additional probe plates
  • FR-4 probe plates (fixture kit accepts Arboron and FR-4 interchangeably)

Burn-in Racks

Whether you are in the semiconductor, electronics, or automotive sector, our manufacturing burn-in racks are tailored to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and ultimately contribute to the success of your operations. Designed to fit with your power supply, our burn-in rack can efficiently test multiple components at a time. Our racks are made from high quality, durable extruded aluminum and heavy duty casters. Work with us to elevate your manufacturing processes and embrace a future where innovation meets reliability.

Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Customer Testimonials

“As part of fully automating our process, we contacted Mirotech to provide expertise in customized fixtures to test our product – Battery Management System. We were very pleased with their expertise in fixture design and fabrication.”

Jong Alcido, P.Eng, Test Engineering Management, Battery Management, Eberspaecher Vecture Inc.