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Optimize Test Fixtures for Enhanced Reliability and Precision

Test Fixtures

Minimize Expenses by Enhancing Your Product’s Dependability and Precision

Explore Your Test Fixture Choices

Select from a variety of premium, customizable test fixtures crafted to achieve exceptional testing standards.

Combining INGUN and GenRad’s premium functional testing equipment with our expertise in product development, electronics design, software development, and production testing, we ensure comprehensive solutions for your testing needs.

UUT Unit under test
deep tray test fixtures
pcb testing

Experts on PCB Testing

We are committed to resolving design process bottlenecks, fostering optimal conditions for production quality and efficiency. Our test fixtures feature customizable solutions utilizing durable aluminum components for mechanical construction. Engineered for testing efficiency and ensuring dependable electrical contact between the test equipment and the unit-under-test (UUT), our fixtures are designed for longevity and deliver highly effective testing outcomes.


“This fixture allowed our customer to achieve full functional test with a very low capital investment. They were able to save more than 50% on their previous test setup. The reliability has far exceeded their expectations and expect to use this system as a corporate standard at multiple world wide locations.”

Mark Wood, CEO, Microart Services Inc.





FCT fixtures for assembly line production

“The test fixture kits arrived safely and are fantastic!  The color logo puts them at a whole new level!”
Joe Davenport, Design Engineer

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